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bottling machine manufacturer&water bottle labeling machine

The products manufactured by Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. including bottling machine manufacturer-water bottle labeling machine are profit-makers. We cooperate with the leading raw material suppliers and conduct a first-hand observation of the materials to ensure quality. Then we design a specific procedure for incoming material inspection, ensuring the inspections are carried out in accordance with standards.. We never stop to build brand awareness of J&D WATER for the past few years. We keep a dynamic profile on line by intensified interaction with followers in social media. By continuously updating product catalogue with attracting photos, we successfully give out the brand to numerous target audiences.. The all-around service rendered via J&D WATER beverage production line has been appraised globally. We establish a comprehensive system to deal with the customer complaints, including the price, quality and defective. On top of that, we also assign skillful technicians to have a detail explanation to customers, ensuring that they are well involved in the problem-solving..
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